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Montreal, QC
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Re: new Cheap Internet Connection

Most major indy ISPs have unlimited offerings, despite MajorPewPew's insinuations to the contrary.

TekSavvy has a wide variety of unlimited options, but I wouldn't exactly call $80/mth "cheap". They have unlimited options starting at $25/mth, anything beyond that is just depending on how much you want to pay for speed.
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I stand corrected, and must apologize and refine my statements, for comparable price points, you'd get unlimited with Distributel, not with TSI, Ebox etc.

Either way, they are still all roughly the same. More or less the same price, and the differences are basically you paying more for "customer service" or perks.

Although, I should mention that my experience with both Distributel and Teksavvy are both horrendous.

TSI takes forever to answer their calls (may it be sales, billing or tech support), charges a hefty sum for installs ($95 for DSL16 at the time +19.99 for the dryloop + first month). Botched the install and refused to refund my money after trying to fix it twice and attempted to charge me another $85.

Distributel is roughly the same, forces you to buy their overpriced modem, $10 new account fee, but the install is only $29 (it all evens out really). Support and billing is equally bad, long wait times, thick accented support staff, and keeps giving me a Montreal IP after I called in 3 times and asked them for a Toronto IP.

Of course, these are only my experiences, I seem to get the short end of the stick every time. Hence my conclusion that they are all crap. But dont take my word for it, look in the Teksavvy forum, see how many bad posts there are... Better yet, why not ask Guspaz? Say Guspaz, tell the OP how many botched installs you had yourself? I wouldn't be surprised if it was over 50%
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