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reply to The Snowman

Re: Assange makes 1st public appearance in 2 months

He isn't shy about what he believes in and isn't sitting around on his laurels by the sounds of these.


Julian Assange to publish book about freedom and the future of the internet
WikiLeaks founder to be co-author of book entitled Cypherpunks, despite being confined to Ecuadorean embassy in London


Prominent defamation lawyer Stuart Littlemore, QC, has labelled attempts by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange to find ways of suing Prime Minister Julia Gillard for defamation as nothing more than a stunt.

Mr Littlemore and other legal experts say that defamation claims generally must be made within 12 months of the comments.

Mr Assange has hired lawyers to find a way of suing Prime Minister Julia Gillard for defamation over the claim that WikiLeaks acted illegally in releasing a quarter of a million US diplomatic cables.

In an interview from Ecuador's embassy in London, Assange said Ms Gillard's comment, made in late 2010, influenced MasterCard Australia to join an online financial blockade of the organisation.

''MasterCard Australia, in justifying why it has made a blockade preventing any Australian MasterCard holder from donating to WikiLeaks, used that statement by Julia Gillard as justification,'' he said.


Prime Minister Julia Gillard made an unwise decision to presume WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's guilt, which has prompted him to pursue a possible defamation case, Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop says.

Ms Bishop says Mr Assange, who has reportedly hired Sydney lawyers to pursue a defamation case against Ms Gillard, is entitled to seek legal remedies if he believes he's been defamed.

Mr Assange has told left-leaning activist group GetUp! that Ms Gillard defamed WikiLeaks when she allegedly told a radio station in 2010 he had broken the law by releasing hundreds of thousands of US diplomatic cables, according to a statement released by the group on Monday.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke