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Re: Can't see other devices with router as MoCA bridge

Thanks for all the info. I haven't heard of any multicast streaming discussion in my dealings with various DLNA servers. In what situation would this be required? Maybe just with some type of video streaming from Verizon's end and not through my home network?

I previously tried Plex which required installing Bonjour...does that have any relation to the Bonjour issues you're talking about? It worked fine at the time.

I checked both my routers and the secondary one is a Rev. D with firmware, and the primary is a Rev. E with firmware 20.19.8. Why the drastically different versioning schemes I wonder? Either way, IGMP Proxy was already disabled on the second router.

I love how Verizon pushes out such things with absolutely no regard for how the user might be using the device and which features/settings they may depend on. Maybe this is the same thing that suddenly prevented me from connecting to my wireless printer awhile back. I tried setting static IPs and they never kept. Basic features that were a piece of cake with my WRT54GL with Tomato. These routers are just awful. I would use the Linksys now if I didn't fear adding any more unnecessary complexity to this already shaky setup.


Virginia Beach, VA
It would be similar. Basically the devices send out a "ping" saying "here I am" so the relevant other devices can see them. The proxy prevents those pings for reaching their destinations. In the PLEX case, PLEX couldn't say here I am tooth device you wantd to play it on.