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[2K3] Site-to-Site Tunnel

I have two networks at two different locations:

Network 1:
100 MBit/100 MBit Connection
5 Static IP's from ISP
Host: Windows 2012 Server Datacenter Edition
Guest: Hyper-V Clients
Internal IP Range: - (shared between host and hyper-v clients)

Network 2:
40 MBit/10 MBit Connection
1 DHCP Address from ISP
Internal IP Range: -
Host: Anything (ie dedicated box with 2 nics, etc)

My thought was to install Windows 2003 with ISA Server 2006 on each end and create a site-to-site vpn using it. I have done a test run and have been somewhat successful... I got the VPN Server running on Network 1 and was able to connect to it using the VPN client in Windows 7 but bandwidth was very slow, was only pulling around 14 MBit/1 MBit through the tunnel.

Anyway, is there a better way of doing this perhaps? In short, I want all device on both networks to be able to "talk" to each other as if they were connected locally so I can map drives, share printers, etc.

I'm open to open-source suggestions as well so along with this post, I'll also have a post in the linux forums if you have any suggestions. I will say that I would much prefer to stick with Windows Solutions on both sides.

Thanks in advance

Rocky River, OH
·Cox HSI
Routing does plays a factor. Also internet traffic is also another factor. Alot of businesses use a MPLS connection to get around the internet traffic and utilize the ISP's backbone for routing thus getting full throughput. Also why not do the site to site connection at the router level rather then the server?

Network 1 does not have a router, it is connected directly to the internet.

Network 2 only has a very low end netgear router that doesn't even support VPN or DD-WRT. So I was thinking of connecting a ISA Server (or similar) directly to the internet then have the netgear behind it in bridge mode.