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Alfred, ME
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reply to FFH

Re: So thankful to have Comcast..

said by FFH:

said by swintec:

said by Rob:

What problems? Cause I'm pretty happy with them. Online self-activation, a large selection of supported modems, IPV6, etc. Nothing like TW and their shenanigans.

Biggest one is the usage cap issue which trumps any real benefit that you listed above.

Does it? The cap is 300 GB/mo. I average btw 20-30GB/mo. I don't see the cap as a downside to all the positives.

I think so.

Online activation- once my connection is up through whatever method, who cares about the online activation? ive had to activate once in 11 years.

Supported modems- a big list is nice but does it make you feel better when paying your bill each month? do you think of it as a value added service? i hardly see it as a reason to be happy one way or another about an ISP as it is a non issue once your connection is up and running.

IPV6- not a huge issue for me and mostly a non issue for the majority. certainly wouldnt make me happier about the service. Most want to get to the sites and services that they require and this runs fine without IPv6.

I suppose you could say the same about bandwidth caps...different strokes for different folks?
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