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Columbia College IT
Sonora, CA
reply to ExoticFish

Re: Is this throttling?

man i just tried that testmy.net "speedtest" and it was totally inaccurate for my comcast connection. the graph was all over the place and only around 60% of the speeds that i normally pull day in/day out.

I'm on blast, and when i scp or rsync multi-gigabyte files from the office to my home computers, i average out at 3MB/s (24Mbps) all day long (powerboost gets me at 36Mbps or 4.5MB/s for the first 10-15 megs of the download). no dips, no fluctuations for the duration of the download, unless i'm multitasking on the net.

i guess what i'm getting at, is if i used that testmy.net as an indicator of the health of my connection, i would be going off of completely incorrect data.


Stuarts Draft, VA
They're always accurate for me. That speedtest was also for the east coast, not west. You need to be aware of your PowerBoost though and then watch NetMeter to see your actual speed after PowerBoost falls off.

Columbia College IT
Sonora, CA
yeah I didnt check to see where i was connecting to with your link.. my bad there.

I think we can all agree that the bottom line is if the connection is healthy, factoring in powerboost, a typical throughput graph (assuming you're testing against a non-overloaded server and you're "dedicating" your connection to the test.. i.e. telling everyone else to stop doing stuff on the net), your graph should start high, fall off some as powerboost stops, then it should be damn near a rock solid straight line for the duration of the download.

i'll try to post up some TCP stream graphs from wireshark, against some hefty sized downloads (via ftp or sftp), that shows this.

I used to do tcp stream graphs, and look at them all the time when i had dsl and i was on exhausted at&t redbacks/BRAS. you would see the graph go ape-shit (up and down up and down), during prime-time hours. not that clean looking saw-tooth pattern (that looks like throttling, kinda-sorta) and certainly not a smooth straight line.