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Re: [TWC] RR Standard with Motorola SB6141 Speed Increase?

said by raphaeltee:

said by mackey:

said by rayfield :

Anyone want to give odds on them giving me trouble? I'm on the Standard tier.

A SB6121 is fine for the Standard tier, but you won't be able to use it for Extreme or Ultimate.


Thanks. I finally took a look at the modem: I've got a landline through TWC as well. Unless I'm misreading the TWC "help" and list of supported devices, the only way I can continue to get phone service is through one of *their* devices. Guess I will have to get VOIP for my landline through a third party. Which sucks also.

It's true that if you have phone service with TWC, you'll get to keep what modem they provided you. BUT you can still go an buy your own modem and not get charged the fee. What they will do is when you call in to get the new modem provisioned, they'll disable the ethernet on the original modem.