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Belvedere Tiburon, CA

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[Wi-Fi] Need 5G WiFi, Alternative to Arris TG862G for Voice?

I've ordered Triple Play with Extreme 50 upgrade and have been told I'm being sent an Arris TG862G for self-install. The person selling me the upgrade didn't understand what I was talking about so I just went along with them to move forward. Here's the problem:

I now own a Motorola SB6120 going to a Netgear WNDR3700. There is another WNDR3700/dd-wrt set up as a second access point and also a switch to whole house Gb Ethernet. Current service is Comcast TV and Blast Internet. Both 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi are in use. Everything is stable and works great including Xbox and remote access to WHS 2011.

I think the Arris TG862G is a poor match for my home for these reasons:
1) It'll have to be in bridge mode because the area is too big for a single access point and there's no 5Ghz. Besides, I like my system as is. The Arris may cause other compatibility problems too.
2) The cable drop is nowhere near the telephone wiring.

Any suggestions? The cable power levels on the SB6120 GUI are strong, so what about a splitter to my existing modem and to some eMTA close to the telephone wiring? Can the TG862 be used just as the eMTA in this scenario, or is something else needed from Comcast's perspective?

Is there is a better location for this post?

- - - Pat

Newtown, PA
Your idea should work. I don't have the 862G, but because of telephone wiring logistics, I have my eMTA in my home office, where it feeds my phone system through the phone jack.

It is ultimately behind a -3.5 db splitter. It used to be behind two -3.5db splitters for a total of -7db loss, but due to other problems, I recently had to add a bi-directional amp (Radio Shack, $30) at the entry point to ensure the signal to/from the eMTA would be consistently strong enough, and that has worked fine.

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You can use it as just an EMTA but will still need to have the wireless disabled. Depending on your houses cable setup it may not be feasible to have a separate modem and etma though.

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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I would personally just get a no-frills D3 EMTA (either the Arris TM722G or TM822G) and use a separate router. Tried the TG862G and kicked it to the curb (aka took it back to the CC office) and I put my purchased TM722G and my Apple AirPort Extreme router back in and there is definitely an increase in performance.

I prefer to use the same modem for voice and Internet as adding more devices to a cable line depletes the signal (insertion loss) and can affect performance. It is recommended that any connection to inside phone wiring be done by a CC tech but if you do it yourself you must disconnect the inside wire from the telco outside wiring or you may fry the Comcast EMTA. If you have a burglar/medical alarm, you must have a professional install as it must be done correctly.

Comcast until recently did not allow self installs on CDV. Now they only allow self installs if there is no security/fire/medical alarm involved.
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