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O Fallon, MO
reply to warwick

Re: OT - Simple Disconnect/Isolation Switch

The TSC-800 is a controller for an ATS. You're probably looking for a number like TS8XX ATS.
What kind of service are we talking about here? Single phase? Three phase?
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Hollywood, FL

Sorry, forgot to note . Although the entire assembly appears to be Thomson branded. Will have a look inside the ats tomorrow.


Single Phase. 240vac.

John Galt
Forward, March
Happy Camp

It looks like there are outputs available in the ATS controller:

- Transfer to Utility 10A
- Transfer to Generator 10A
- Pre/Post-Transfer to Utility 3A
- Pre/Post-Transfer to Generator 3A
- Load on Utility 3A
- Load on Generator 3A

You could use the "load on utility"...or "transfer to utility" if you needed a bit more heads up (milliseconds).

Using one of these dry contact sets to operate the isolation relay, the genset set could still be running in the cool-down mode and the PV inverter brought back online since the load has returned to utility power.
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Hollywood, FL

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Thanks for the response Galt.

You are correct - went ahead and programmed/tested the relay output settings via the ATS control panel.

Selected the "Load on Utility" Option. Will run a 120vac coil through it.

The only problem is, because the contacts in question are "dry contacts" I will have to safely find a way to feed 120vac from the utility line before the transfer switch utility input. I'm thinking a small fuse assembly should suffice. Something rated in milliamps.

Also will post pics and a detailed set of setup instructions, also including modifying the transfer switch if necessary to implement one's own microswitch provided the ats does not have one.

(I'ts all simple but hopefully It'll help someone trying to achieve the same effect)