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reply to Madtown

Re: Solar Eruption has any affect on internet?

said by Madtown:


Will this cause any problems for the internet? Is Cable internet affected by this? I'm on a DOCSIS 3.0 HFC connection. I have Performance 12-15mbps (20 with PB)

Edit: I do have a wireless router, Netgear WNDR 37000 hook up to a SB6121 modem.

I think that the article to which you provided a link answers your question.

said by NASA :

Coronal mass ejections are the most powerful explosions on the sun. When aimed directly at Earth, strong CME events "can affect electronic systems in satellites and on Earth," NASA officials said.

But CME events traveling at similar speeds to the one observed Thursday have not typically triggered major problems on Earth, or in satellites orbiting the planet, in the past, they added.

Did you read the article before posting, ?
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