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Orlando, FL
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[Review] Nokia Lumia 710

I have been a Sprint customer since 2002. I buy phones outright about every 6 months. Been with Android since my HTC hero in 2008. Most recently I bought the Motorola Photon, and that is the best of the best (I still make phone calls). Sold the Photon and bought the S3. Enough with the background and to my reasons for sharing this review.
I have had the BlackBerry bold 9900 with Tmobile as a work phone for almost two years now and it was time for a new one. I work for myself so I decided since I've always liked Nokia for the phone part of it and Windows mobile (pro version) on certain phones was good, give this a try. It absolutely owns the S3 (on sprint) all around. Windows Phone is very consistent, voice quality is way better than the BlackBerry, t-mobile edit: Data network is kinda sketchy but even 2g is 200k, fine for what I do. Moral is don't knock it till you try it because after all the time with Sprint and with android I realize that you get what you pay for and I'm about to switch to one phone for both and that will be Tmobile with windows phone.