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Caller ID

I just want to simply add Caller ID to my Cableone landline phone service. I don't need any other upgrades nor do I want to purchase any "package deals." My Internet and cable TV service is fine. My phone is Caller ID friendly. I've been all over Cableone's website looking for this upgrade by itself. Does anyone out there know where its hiding?

Caller ID is an included feature with Cableone phone service. It should be working automatically. I'd call Cableone phone support to make sure they have it active on your account. If they claim it should be working and isn't, then I'd suspect a phone problem. I've seen caller ID supported phones not work for one reason or another. It would be time to try another phone to make absolutely sure it's not a phone problem.

I had Cableone phone for about a year before cancelling due to poor service, but I never had problems with the caller ID feature. As long as the phone service was up and working... the caller ID feature worked flawlessly.