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Arlington Heights, IL
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Re: Non-Ultra Issues - Sound - Picture - Menu......

Well it looks like the WOW soga continues.
Tech came out on Sep 12. Discovered there is an issue with the burried cable. I asked that management call me do to other cables being cut everytime some company decides they need to replace their cable.

About an hr later I get a call from Matt (a supervisor) who also has someone from the burried crew withh him. I explain the problems and they guarantee they will do anything needed to make sure my AT&T line is fine. It would also be helpfull if I could be home for the crews.

I explaied that for the week of Sep 24th I would be out of town but after that I would be available. They said the location crews would come out and then they would work with me on a date to install and bury the new cable.

As of today, there has been No Locator Crews. There has been No Calls from WOW at Any Level.

Seems everytime I have to deal with customer support on signal issues or hardware, I have to do All The Work to get someone to Work With Me!! It's not that hard..... Follow-up, do what you Said you would do and, Get it done before the Snow Fly's!!


I sure hope they aren't replacing a cable because of the volume issue you initially reported in this thread.

Volume is still messed up for me and there's no way it's because of a cable. It's from WOW's end or perhaps a combination of WOW and the provider.

If Dan reads this maybe he can get the same person who turned up channel 2 to turn it down since it is now 25% louder than other stations. Channel 5 is still low but I think I'd rather have it low than too loud. Channel 2 blows us out of our seats and I have to be careful or it may damage my speakers.