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[Help Me] Router disconnecting from internet at night

I currently have the D-Link DSL-2680 with factory settings apart from my Virgin account settings and the wireless settings. The problem I seem to be encountering is that in the evening and continuing through the night, the router disconnects from the internet. Initially I put this down to uTorrent as it tends to not reconnect after powering it off then on again unless uTorrent is turned off. However, I have noticed that even with uTorrent off and the computer that uses it turned off, the problem still persists. Maybe not as much as with uTorrent running but it is still there.

Are there some settings I need to change or is it just a bad router?

Cheers for all help in advance.


Boise, ID
I would look at the logs on the MODEM and check to see if there are any issues seen. I would also check the phone line going from out side to the MODEM. Make sure they are in GOOD working condition. Ensure the phone lines are correctly filtered. Have the ISP check there logs for disconnections during this time frame. Have them check the lines from outside going to there point of connection. Ask the ISP if there is any FW updates that they are responsible for and if any is available.