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Aptos, CA
reply to Crispyfertoo

Re: Is this throttling?

said by inMaryland :

Say what you want, I am convinced that Comcast is doing some kind of traffic shaping/throttling. BTW, what I am seeing is absolutely NOT a powerboost feature.

Comcast does do packet de-prioritization. If your node is saturated, and you have maxed out your line for X minutes, then your traffic is marked lower priority for Y minuets. Which means you'll get less of the fully saturated node's capacity.

See »customer.comcast.com/Pages/FAQVi···nagement

Specifically »customer.comcast.com/Pages/FAQVi···echnique under congestion management

"First, the local network must be approaching a congested state for our technique to even look for traffic to manage. Assuming that is the case, customers’ accounts must exceed a certain percentage of their upstream or downstream (both currently set at 70%) bandwidth for longer than a certain period of time, currently set at 15 minutes."
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