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This is a sub-selection from China owns us

reply to buckweet1980

Re: China owns us

They don't own us. They have about 7-8% of our debt.

Backdoors on chips, circuits that aren't standard, remote disable and login, key logging, .... wait. Well. Hmmm.... we can also talk about poisoning of baby formula, pet food, lead poison in toys, Christmas lights.

The Chinese steal. Ask any college student during exams. And ask anyone that does manufacturing with them. (a joke about Bill Gates seeing a billion copies of Windows being sold to the Chinese was it only took one sale of Windows and 9,999,999,999 pirated copies). It is by their design. (ok, I am generalizing. But still, they do not respect treaties or nationals. Have you read about Ghana? Look up gold mining, chinese, guns, ghana...)

Just ask anyone in the Airforce about substandard parts failing made from other countries. How about the capacitor failures? That was corporate espionage that resulted in billions in damages (logicboards, powersupplies, power adapters, automotive, aerospace, appliance industry...). There are still many bad caps out there. Some up in satellites... And what nVidia and their bad GPUs? Etc...

Do you think ANY government would allow its citizens full privacy with communications? See Iridium.

We have freedom of speech but it appears not with any form of communications.

I just don't see how this is sustainable. Next up, Chinese-made cars that automatically accelerate ... wait, wasn't that a Japanese company (Lexus)... either learn mandarin and beat them at their game, or prepare for enslavement! Doom! Dooom! Dooooom!

said by cableties:

Do you think ANY government would allow its citizens full privacy with communications? See Iridium.

No I don't. I know that no government wants its citizenry having access to highly secure communications. That's a given. We know NSA has taps at at least a dozen telco fiber optic switching stations. They are building a data center in Utah to store every bit of data that traverses the Internet. This is why I think the House Intelligence Committee is being a bit hypocritical here.

As a private (non-corporate) citizen, I would much rather have the Chinese spy on me than my own government.
Getting people to stop using windows is more or less the same as trying to get people to stop smoking tobacco products. They dont want to change; they are happy with slowly dying inside. -- munky99999