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Superior, WI
reply to Boricua

Re: Windows 8

said by Boricua:

What kills me is Microsoft will be selling Windows 8 starting this month on desktops. This is another Windows Me Windows Vista debacle all over again.

Windows Vista was actually good, but what killed it was MS trying to sell it and put it on hardware that was well below the minimum specs(and they and OEMs later got sued for the "ready for windows vista" cert and sticker because many systems were not up to par to run vista, which killed its public appearance because OEM systems came pre-loaded with it that should not have had it, thus, on crappy hardware, it ran like crap).
I ran vista up until a short while ago(3 months, wanted DX11, and the DX11 support hacks for vista were buggy), and on hardware that can handle it, it runs just fine(and in some cases, better than windows 7). Actually, did you know that windows vista and windows 7 are literally 90% the same exact code? All that changed was a few core improvements in what starts with the computer when you turn it on(mainly improvements to superfetch and running services), and a UI facelift, and that is it. Window vista and windows 7 are nearly exactly the same.

Windows ME on the other hand, was quite terrible.