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This is a sub-selection from Frightening


Waterford, MI

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reply to Chubbysumo

Re: Frightening

said by Chubbysumo:

Health care plans are an investment in your employees, knowing that 99% will likely never use it, and those that will, will use it to keep themselves healthy, ...

Hahahahahahaha! In the country that invented the obesity epidemic, you claim the people will use their health care plans to "keep themselves healthy?" Hahahahaha!

Most people don't need either an expensive health care plan or expensive (western) medical "care" to "keep themselves healthy." They just need a balanced, nutritious diet and to get a bit of regular exercise. No health care plan in the world, "free" or not, can compensate for failing to do those things.



and most those healthcare plans don't even pay for nutrition counseling or mental counseling like psychotherapy. Most common factors that contribute to obesity: bad food, bad eating habits (i.e. long intervals, starving) lack of nutritious choices like fruites, veggies, even stress. Some people have underlying mental conditions (like depression) but they don't even know it but it influences their lifetime choices.