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reply to Count Zero

Re: [iPhone] Bigger Fail Than Maps ...

said by Count Zero:

Uuuuhhhhh if you had any "insight" you'd realize that Ligntning is not "as simple as a cable". It is a long-term technology that will allow for significant future expandability using a common interface by allowing the 9 connection pins to be dynamically reconfigured based on what the chip in the Lightning cable tells the phone it is supposed to do.
I mean in theory it could do USB2.0, USB3.0, FW, digital video, act as a USB controller for USB peripherals, etc. -- MicroUSB cannot do all of that without requiring a lot of proprietary stuff on its own.

Which has what to do with availability, or logistics, or planning, or even marketing for that matter?

Count Zero
Obama-Biden 2012
Winston Salem, NC
Well I do agree it would have been nice if Apple would have had a few device manufacturers have some stuff available at launch - especially a dock for my bedside and my desks.

Logistics and availability of the Apple stuff are due to less than optimal yields on the parts as previously noted online at MacRumors/Appleinsider.