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Sajan Parikh

Walcott, IA

[Cable HSI] My Modem Signal Levels

Mediacom support is telling me they can't get signal readings off my modem. There have been two confirmed outages in the last week in my area. However, just about every day I get disconnected for any between a few minutes to an hour. It's not intermittent, it literally happens once a day.

Outside of that my connection is ROCK SOLID. No issues what so ever.

I am on Ultra50 using a non-standard Mediacom modem (MOTO SB6121), which may be the reason why they can't get signal readings.

Here is a screenshot of my modem's signal page. Any thoughts?

»screen.sajanp.com/20121009121103 ··· 1103.png

Forgive me if I'm cynical, but based on my past experience with Mediacom...am I completely out of my mind to think that there is nothing wrong with my modem or it's signals? Are they just deteriorating in my area again?

The reason I'm posting my signal here is because last time it was down, Twitter support told me that they DID see my signals and said it was low. Scheduled a tech to come out on Friday.

Edit: I should've looked harder at the existing threads. My issues are very similar to this user. I am in the QC area.

»[IA] repeated drops of 30s to 1 min

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
sajanNOPPIX, I will be happy to look into this issue for you. Can you send me an IM with your account or phone number?