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Albany, NY

TW Cable Modem Fee

Well I called TW in my local area and was told they were not charging any fees for the modem. Because we have some sort of TW Cable services.

My neighbor also called and he was told the same thing. I guess we will have to wait and see.

However just in case I went a bought the higher end Motorola with the wireless ( the 6141 was not available ) I disabled the wireless router function since I already have the new A/C router from Netgear (R6300) which works perfectly.

I called TW Nationwide Support ( big mistake) who after taking the Mac ID said they were sending to a level 3 tech to complete the activation.

I was on hold for 1 hour in which the new modem had been restarted and I looked at the lights and all seemed well. However no Internet access.

Call the local TW Office and a level 3 Tech went in and corrected their screwup ( had two active modems on the same account) although I would not see a problem with this the tech turned off the TW modem they supplied.

He restarted the new purchased modem and the modem works blazing fast, and not rebooting all the time as the other one did.

I know it will take years to re-coup the investment in the newer purchased modem but it will eventually be a cost savings, if the supplied Modem was still functioning after years being with TW I can be so happy.

Just remember to watch for some other costs at TWC to rise. We have decided if any more increases we will drop the cable portion which is 2/3 of the bill each month and go back to satellite which is $24.99 versus $100+ a month.
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