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Chatsworth, CA
reply to perlster

Re: [DSL] The yearly renewal disaster happened again, as always

Looked into this... your account is actually still valid on contract through to 11/21/12. You've still got more than a month to go on your current annual contract, which is why you haven't received the renewal notice yet. You can renew your annual contract anytime from now until then. I'll put in a request to have a rep call you, so you don't have to call in.

(Since your annual contract doesn't expire until 11/21, the website doesn't give you an option to renew online until 10/21. After 10/21, you can renew it online by going to dslextreme.com and signing in on the Members tab)


Culver City, CA
I did manage to get a call into billing. The bottom line is I have to call back in the last week of the month and hope that I can renew and get the bad invoices fixed and replaced by a new invoice. Frankly, this is absurd. As you wrote, my annual contract isn't up for renewal until 11/21, and to get an invoice dated 10/8 with a month-to-month rate is nonsense.

Now, I have this issue hanging over my head for the next three weeks.

It seems like this is a serious bug in the billing software and/or procedure used to generate invoices and handle renewals.