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Re: [iO] WPIX News Ratings Fall Precipitously During Blackout

said by mbernste:

He's not exactly correct. CBS, NBC, etc charge Cablevision a fee to be permitted to retransmit their signal under retransmission consent rules. Up until now, Tribune offered their channels under the "must carry" rules, which offered the channel to Cablevision for free. They are just switching over to retransmission consent so that they can charge a fee for Cablevision's privilege to retransmit their signal. While the cost amounts to usually only a few cents per subscriber, it adds up to a large sum of money for Cablevision. From what the rep made it out to be, is that WPIX was to be a premium channel, this is incorrect.

I guess you could say that, but it's sort of splitting hairs. What amount of payment from Cablevision to Tribune (or anyone else) would then, in your eyes, make it a premium channel? It's all in how it's packaged, right?

Piscataway, NJ

Well, there's "basic cable" and then there's "premium cable." This wouldn't put WPIX in premium, if anything I would think it would still be included in the lowest tier, broadcast basic.