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Montreal, QC
reply to pmicho

Re: [General] no ring tone on outgoing call

It happened to me on Montreal 2. I'm on Chicago now. It still happens.


N California
reply to pmicho
said by OZO:

You may look at rfc3261.

Another helpful reference is rfc3960 - Early Media and Ringing Tone Generation:
3.2. Ringing Tone Generation [Page 6]
With this in mind, a UAC should develop its local policy regarding
local ringing generation. For example, a POTS ("Plain Old Telephone
Service")-like SIP User Agent (UA) could implement the following
local policy:

1. Unless a 180 (Ringing) response is received, never generate
local ringing.

2. If a 180 (Ringing) has been received but there are no incoming
media packets, generate local ringing.

3. If a 180 (Ringing) has been received and there are incoming
media packets, play them and do not generate local ringing.

Note that a 180 (Ringing) response means that the callee is
being alerted, and a UAS should send such a response if the
callee is being alerted, regardless of the status of the early
media session.
I have experienced the following (very) intermittent scenarios from the Los Angeles server:

1. No 180 ringing response. I do see multiple 183 Session Progress responses prior to the call being answered.

2. A 180 ringing response with no incoming early media (ringing sound).

Early media is normally provided, so in this case it may be a configuration issue on my side.

There is a possibility that I have not set an early media detection timeout, or it may be set (defaulted) for too long of a period.

As a side note, I find it beneficial that Asterisk is open source software, because I'm currently playing in chan_sip.c as time permits.


reply to pmicho
I've been having this issue since I switched from landline to voip.ms....along with many other issues. I guess I am not alone.

On E4200 v1 router.