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Re: How do you access more then one Google account at same time

Thank you guys for the interesting ideas. What is working:

1. Using different browsers (for obvious reasons).
Cons: it's not convenient and very limited (max number of sessions is equal to the number of browsers you have on your computer).

2. Using different profiles.
Works for FF with command line mentioned in this post.
Works for Chromium with this command line:
chrome.exe -user-data-dir="C:\Tmp\profile2" -single-process
Cons: you have to keep multiple profile folders just to be able to use it
Pros: works in single process mode.

3. Using SandboxIE.
I've not tried it yet (but certainly will) with Chromium.
a) all launches with specific profile should be done within sandbox. Otherwise it will not work
b) you have to create multiple sandboxes (each for one session)
c) launching Chromium within different sandboxes is not convenient.

4. Using "incognito window" in Chromium.
It works for one extra session only. You have main window (no-incognito) with one login session in progress and one incognito window with second session at the same time. When I tried to launch second incognito window - it inherits login info from its 1st incognito window
Cons: it seems that Chromium incognito can not function in single process mode , which I use the most...
And why they did not make it simple - each incognito windows should be isolated form others and should not share any of the data??? Is it a bug?

Running multiple separate browsers (that don't share any data) was so easy with IE7-. Why it's so difficult now with modern browsers?
Keep it simple, it'll become complex by itself...