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Re: 32GB Nexus 7

»www.slashgear.com/nexus-7-16gb-t ··· 9251108/

Then again, if the 32GB is replacing the 16GB, will there be a replacement for the 8GB model as well? It would seem odd if Google only offered either a lowly 8GB version and then a 32GB model.

Be odd, like the author from the quote states, if Google does kill the 16 GB model.
Now I could see them killing the 8GB, dropping the price on the 16GB, and selling the 32GB model for the current price of the 16GB model.

Interesting how this is making the rounds as the Oct 17th date approaches for the supposed apple news of an Ipad mini.

»www.androidpolice.com/2012/10/08 ··· s-7-box/

This link has 2 pictures. One is of the nexus 7 screen showing 26 GB free. The other is of the box showing its a 16GB unit. So it looks like the wrong unit got packed into the box.

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