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West Tenness

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reply to Bhruic

Re: If you can afford the 100 Mbps tier

said by Bhruic:

You've rather missed the point. If all the people paying $110/mth now could afford to pay $1000/mth, would that justify Charter in making the price increase? The issue isn't what people can afford to pay, it's what people are willing to pay.

No YOU miss the point.

A) Things are priced based on what people are willing to pay.

B) Charter doesn't have to justify it's costs. Not to you or anyone else. Charter could charge $1000 for installation. Guess what, no one would get that tier then and then Charter will adjust pricing accordingly.


Toronto, ON
You really need to work on reading better, because when I say "it's what people are willing to pay", you can't really come back with "No, it's what people are willing to pay!". Well, I guess you can, but you look silly.

Similarily, I wasn't asking them to justify their costs. I was refuting your point that this is a perfectly acceptable charge for no other reason than the fact that people can afford to pay it. Being able to afford to pay something doesn't automatically mean that it's an acceptable charge.