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dsl link retrains and profile question

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I have been experiencing a lot of issues where the tv/internet would stop for about 30 second. After some investigation I realized that the there were several dsl link retrains occurring every day and lots of corrected and uncorrect blocks showing up in the statistics from the modem. I download uverse realtime and from what little I understand about the bitloading graph it looked like there was a problem. So, I went out to the box to see if it was something I may could troubleshoot from my side of the lines.

I have a piece of coax that runs from the uverse box into the old cable box on the outside of the house. It runs into a diplexer where you have one coax going to the RG and another coax going to a TV. The other TVs are on cat5 inside the house. There was another coax run that went to another room that was not being used so I moved the RG to that room and swapped it out on the diplexer. This seemed to make some improvements. I noticed improvements in the attenuation and upstream power level. Also the estimated distance to VRAD instantly improved by 500ft. The bitloading graph looks very different as well. After running for a few days now I have not experienced a single dsl link retrain and everything is working. The log showed only a handful of corrected blocks and everything else was 0.
I noticed, however that the profile upload speed is only around 3000kbps instead of 5040. On the bitloading graph the download frequencies changed to where they looked better, but the upload looks like something may be wrong.
Can anyone tell me why the upload speed isn't as high as it should be or if they feel there is a further issue that I may need to get looked into.
I will post the before and after snapshots from UV realtime. I don't have any of the error table from before because the modem had got reset and it cleared them away before I ever made a snap shot.