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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to Sammer

Re: Leaky TV box

said by Sammer:

It adds an antenna TV tuner and antenna to Boxee. Because of local hills antenna reception is poor where I live but many people who haven't used a TV antenna in the past five years may be surprised at just how good antenna reception of digital TV can be. Boxee also connects to the internet. Boxee won't provide all the programming from the major cable companies but will provide enough for some people to ditch cable.

If Boxee isn't providing cable programming, then the claim is false - it won't allow you ditch cable.

But assuming one could apply Clintonese to their feeble claim, it still wouldn't work. There isn't a single electronic/appliance/Big Box retailer in the six-county area here that can demonstrate OTA reception of all major channels on a single TV, and that's with the best rooftop antenna available.