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Pomfret Center, CT

LTE speeds WOW

So I am sitting at a Cumby's off I 287 in NJ near the NY line. And while some one is pumping 3.739 gas in to my car. Yes over 30 cents less then our self serve. I saw that I was on LTE on my new iPhone so knowing I was not in a very busy area I wondered what kind of speeds I would get. 34/19 Would like to have this speed at home as what is the point when your cap is 2 gigs.

I Went To The Dark Side?

Brierfield, AL
And it is illegal to pump your own gas in Jersey. My neighbor came up and had to look for full service stations because she never pumped gas before.
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Pomfret Center, CT
reply to billh491
Having pumped my own gas for over 35 years it is galling to have to sit there and wait while one guy tries to file 5 car. But I could live with it in the winter I guess.