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Sunnyvale, CA

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Re: My four out of nine stations won't come on

said by authur :

Is there anything need to be programmed at the controller for the COM wire if you know ?

Based on all the information that you have provided so far there is absolutely nothing wrong with:
- the rainbird controller
- the wires at the controller end
- the cable from the controller to the first valve (which is definitely not one of the valves #1 through #4)

There is no amount of reprogramming the controller that can fix a disconnected wire.

Unfortunately for you, the problem is either inside one of the 9 valve covers (loose splice) or buried in the ground (damaged cable between valves).

If the COM wire is white at the rainbird controller and black at the valves it must be spliced somewhere (probably at one of the valves).
Edit: it seems I misread what you said about the wire colors. The color of the two wires from the solenoid to the wirenuts isn't really important since it is AC anyway (so no polarity issues). What matters are the colors of the wires in the cable that goes from the controller to all the valves. There may be more than one cable which makes it important to look for splices.
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I finally got it fixed but I had to hire a expert to trace out the open wire. They used the locator to identify the open COM node between valve#05 and valve#04. The confusion was that the COM wire run from valve#9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 in that order but the controller connected to valve#1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 in that order. That was why the first 4 valves (1 through 4) stop working because the COM wire open at valve#5. First 4 valves worked when the COM wire of valve#05 was reconnected.

Anyway, thanks for your help and I hope that this lesson-learned can be applied for someone else if they run into the same issue.
One more thing, it costs a lot ($$$) when you call a service that you're not sure what is wrong with the system (they will think something to charge you as even the issue is just a simple fix).