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Londonderry, NH

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Re: Devil's advocate

If someone is selling drugs out of your house, there is reason for suspicion. You're there to see what's going on. Most likely you also know what's going on.

There are numerous legitimate reasons why someone would need to borrow your internet connection. Their connection could be down, they might not be able to afford it due to economic reasons, someone not from the area trying to look up a map, etc. Most of said reasons are legit in the eyes of the law (but not necessarily your ISP).

If someone asks to borrow your phone to make a quick call, you don't assume that they're communicating threats or sending inappropriate material to a minor. You assume it's important and try to help a fellow citizen out. The same can be said for someone in need for borrowing your internet access. What if it's not wireless a neighbor needs to borrow your computer to look something up? Do you just kick them out due to liability concerns or spy over their shoulder? Good Samaritan laws should definitely apply.

All WiFi hotspot businesses should come to the defense of this person. If a business can be held liable for content viewed/downloaded, we'll most likely see all WiFi hotspot locations go away. Goodbye Starbucks. I will miss you.