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reply to ZipZap

Re: File-Detection Test September 2012 -released

said by ZipZap :

This is why the best test environment is you and your daily work with the PC.

Amen to that.

I have been using MSE from day one and MBAM, Spybot and SpywareBlaster with no infections yet. Knock on wood I hope I didn't jinx myself.

Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to ZipZap
It is my understanding this Comparison AV test was a test as if you right clicked a file and scanned it when it was on your desktop already. For some AV's that is not an accurate test of their capabilities.

Hilo, HI
reply to ZipZap
What are you talking about? You are not making sense.

Of course, detection on right click scan of a file on your computer is equal to protection! What do you think "protection" is? Right click scan of a file (or a full on demand scan of all files on the computer) will WITH ANY AV WORTH USING detect an infected file (assuming signature and heuristics and any other detection capabilities are able to detect that particular infection). That detection is PROTECTION. Your AV says "This file has a virus!" You then choose what your AV should do with the infected file.

Correct safe hex practice says to always right click scan a file downloaded to disk before executing it so your on demand scanner will detect a virus and you can then get rid of the file instead of executing it and allowing a virus to become active. That file with a virus in it cannot hurt your computer as long as you don't execute it. I have files with viruses in them that have been sitting on this computer for years but do no harm as I don't try to execute them. I use them to test new AV programs when I evaluate a new program as I will be doing when Avira kills versions 8 and 9 (that I use) later this year.

Also, these days if your AV program has an excellent real time scanner (like Avira) then you may not need to do a right click on demand scan of a newly downloaded file because the real time scanner will have already alerted on it. I had to shut down Avira Guard (the real time scanner) in order to get the screenshot of the on demand scanner detecting a virus in the PStools folder (pskills.exe). This was because, until I shut down the real time scanner, Avira was going nuts if I so much as got my mouse anywhere near the folder in Explorer where the PStools files sit. Guard is an extremely sensitive scanner and I no more than opened explorer.exe, and was mousing down the file tree, and had just expanded C:\Downloaded programs (which contains all my downloaded files including PDF ones) which is a huge folder, and Guard immediately detected that file in that huge folder and went off.

(pskill.exe BTW is not infected. Avira has a thing about detecting certain files and you need to either exclude or simply don't check the boxes in the Extended Threat category for Security Privacy Risk and Applications. If those are checked then Avira will detect all Nirsoft files as viruses and things like all key finders and some files from SysInternals).
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