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Re: [Rant] Comcast removes HBO and Starz HD channels

DirecTV was the ones complaining about the prices for comcast sports philly.
Also none of the local cable news channels are on satellite. No New York 1, no Pittsburgh cable news channel (which has little news on it anyways), no the comcast network, etc...

"About two years ago, a Comcast spokeswoman from Washington, D.C., told me Comcast was having "talks" with satellite companies. (I guess that sounded better than saying they were negotiating — more of a kick-the-tires approach — but it has drug on and on with no end in sight.)

Give Comcast credit. The cable provider found another technicality. They have to offer the content, but no one said they have to offer it at a reasonable price. So the "talks" continue.

Why does this matter? Well, an even playing field would create more competition and better deals (maybe not prices, but deals and specials) for consumers.

Gelles quoted Derek Chang, executive vice president at DirecTV as saying, "We would love to carry the product on fair and reasonable terms. We don't think we've gotten those at this point."

Read more: »lancasteronline.com/article/loca···qyFUeQp"



Why should Comcast or TWC make their local news channels available?

Maybe they should do it when DirecTV lets them have Sunday Ticket, their version of Extra Innings and the Audience Network.


Des Plaines, IL

cable had a chance to bit for sunday Ticket but even at the time window for that most systems did not have the room for all games in HD.