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Scarborough, ON
reply to Paolo

Re: Shopping channel (Rogers Cable) has FM radio audio

said by Paolo:

Or you can cancel cable because you dont want to accept a FREE DTA50 box....and eventually go back to cable and pick up the free DTA 50, and enjoy the channels, by this time there will be more channels missing, MTV is already gone from analog, and you will need DTA50 to pick it up, they will also find otu the next favourite channel u watch and move that over to digital too, wanna bet?

It is my belief that nothing is free. For now, Rogers is supplying a DTA at no charge to the customer. My guess, is that in another year or so (maybe less), they will be adding a rental charge to your bill for the DTA. They did the exact same thing with Internet modems. "Wanna bet?"

Or, great defender of Rogers, if you are not happy with the DTA, you can upgrade to one of their digital boxes and have to put up with the firmware upgrades from Rogers which are destroying any kind of enjoyment that people get from their Cable.

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As for being funny, I do enjoy the comic relief that I get from reading your posts!