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Mechanicsville, VA
reply to Oedipus

Re: [Speed] Comcast Business Class Speed Upgraded in California

said by Oedipus:

said by ropeguru:

No, I will not.

Business, at least at the 22/5 package, has ALWAYS gotten power boost. Before you go off spouting off to something you have no clue about, go read up on it first!

I have business 22/5 (aka, 27/7) at the office, as evidenced by the fact that I confirmed that I'm receiving the new speeds. Not sure what type of crack you're smoking saying that I'm "spouting off." 22/5 has always had the ridiculous powerboost thing, but that has always been a bonus. Nowhere in the contract that I, or you, signed does it say that we're entitled to 100+ burst download speeds and 35+ burst upload speeds.

Now, based on the speedtest that I just did, it appears that that tier still has PB. I tested it at 38/8, which is still above and beyond what the contract states that I should be getting. Be glad you don't have the 50/10 business class; there's no PB at all on that tier.

You are "spouting off" as when I signed up, it was confirmed as part of the package from my sales person. You are not in my martket and have no idea what was in the contract I signed. However, by your know it all attitude and arrogance, you can a take flying leap!