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Valencia, CA
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Re: New x-10/CFL problem?

I had a whole bunch of X10 stuff. For years I thought I was one of the lucky ones - I never had much trouble with it. Then came CFL. The X10 stuff all became junk, even on seemingly unrelated circuits, and even when I thought all my CFLs were "off". Remember, with X10, all circuits in your home on the same "leg" are "related". They sell repeaters that you can connect to 220v circuits to make it ALL "related". They also sell filters that you can install in your panel, so that your neighbor's homes are NOT related. In other words, even your neighbors' CFLs could be creating trouble for you.

My favorite would be when all the switches would get a random "ALL ON" code and all the bedroom lights would be on full blast at 3AM. Grrr. X10 is an ANCIENT, crude protocol. There's no error correction. It's very easy to randomly generate "valid" x10.

Now I have a whole bunch of Z-wave stuff.
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Hi djrobx,
Thanks for the understanding and helpful ideas. We need a new boiler, so the last thing i want right now is having to replace all the x-10 stuff! But it does look like I should be making preparations.
I still think x-10 was a clever idea, but clearly not robust, especially after all the free CFLs added to interfering noise everywhere. Hadn't heard of Z-wave, but will look it up and get ready.
Perhaps then I'll finally be able to use the mains intercoms I bought years ago, which don't work with x-10!