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North Port, FL

[Rant] Comcast RSN's

Why is it that Direct TV has most of the Comcast RSN's in their sports pack and in HD but Comcast does not offer all the RSN's to their own customers in their sport package. I have SNY, CSN Chicago, CSN New England, and Comcast Sports SE on my system all in SD. They have 11 RSN's I get 4. All are owned by NBC/Comcast so you think it would be easy too add all of them to all the Comcast systems.


Springfield, IL
1. Because the primary reason why DTV has ALL those RSN's in HD in the first place, is because they HAVE to have them in HD for their respective local markets anyway - as well as for their "season ticket" subs that pay LOTS of $$$ for all those out-of-market sports teams. (NOT because the "sports pak" subs need them in HD, since ALL pro-sports OUTSIDE your respective market are blacked-out anyway)

2. Because the majority of cable subs do NOT care about getting ANY out-of-market RSN's - EITHER in SD or HD! Again, due to the black-outs as stated above.
And because having those said RSN's in HD would take up LOTS of extra bandwidth, CC is instead devoting that bandwidth for channels the majority of their subs are subscribing to. (ie: national cable channels that do NOT have to have their content blacked-out due to local territorial restrictions)

3. Most "sports junkies" have already switched to DTV, so CC isn't going to gain new subs anyway, by carrying multiple bandwidth-hogging HD channels that have the above said blackouts.