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reply to TSI Marc

Re: C'mon TekSavvy - Bring back your POTS offering

said by TSI Marc:

said by NytOwl:

said by TSI Andre:

We are the ones that placed the stop-sell, not Bell.


This is a service that's not mandated by the CRTC. It was at one point but then it became fore born (not mandated anymore). We then went into an agreement with Bell to be able to continue to offer the service but they would only do it with certain limitations on how many subscribers we could signup that come directly from them. For a while it went unnoticed that we were signing up too many directly from Bell. The issue is now resolved however we do need to stay within a certain amount each month. We're still investigating to see how we can do this properly.

To note also is that this agreement was put in place prior to launching our TekTalk service. Today we would much rather people sign up for it instead of the traditional phone service but that being said, we have no intention of removing the Bell one.

Since it was Bell who put the limit on ported numbers in place then this is typical Bell being anti competitive again. A lot of customers don't want VOIP for various reasons and if you're on DSL then you have to pay extra for a dry loop. I prefer to keep a land line and my phone number.

TSI Marc
Chatham, ON

I hear what you're saying. The alternative is that we don't sell it at all. It's really that simple. We can't force them to do anything on this front.
Marc - CEO/TekSavvy