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West Chester, PA
reply to nestuser

Re: Nest Thermostat and Actiontec Rev E

If you look on the Nest support site, you'll see the following statement:

Unfortunately, these routers don’t conform to the TCP/IP specifications around Network Address Translation (NAT) timeouts and are disconnecting Nest too soon.

RFC5382 states:
the value of the "established connection idle-timeout" MUST NOT be less than 2 hours 4 minutes.

While that may be stated as a requirement, I doubt the Actiontec NAT timeout is that long. The NAT table is a limited resource in any router. It is impractical to keep NAT table entries around for an indefinite period of time. Firewall rules can also cause a session to be torn down after a certain amount of inactivity. If Nest wants to keep a session up with their host for an indefinite period of time, it really should be incumbent upon them to send a "keep-alive" packet on a regular interval.

In any case, the NAT timeout in the Actiontec is NOT configurable.
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