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West Tenness
reply to rradina

Re: If you can afford the 100 Mbps tier

said by rradina:

If you ask me, the $200 install fee is to discourage folks from getting it

I though that's what the price increase from $88 to $110 was for.

perhaps, just perhaps, too many folks are signing up for it and they are having trouble supporting it.

I doubt that "too many" people are signing up to pay $110 a month for internet.


Springfield, MO

thought that was how supply and demand worked
ether every one is getting it there for price goes up or they are just trying to keep keep people from getting it

its one or the other you cant have it both ways


Chesterfield, MO
reply to 88615298

If few sign up, then their statement doesn't make sense. There's not enough revenue made to fund those incremental investments. I really don't care if they charge an install fee but this smells a lot like a Billy Mays infomercial where if you buy one at $19.99, you get one free, just pay a separate $15.99 processing/postage/shipping/handling/whatever fee.

Ultra is a premium service which results in higher incremental network investments, equipment costs, and other operating expenses," the company tells me. "In an effort to maintain reasonable monthly recurring service fees, we have implemented a higher installation fee for Ultra customers."

This statement is especially full of hot air in an economy that loves to give stuff away but charge a monthly fee for the life of the product. The RIAA would just love to get rid of the concept of selling a song on any medium if they could figure out a way to charge you every time you play a song.