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Roaring Spring, PA

[CenturyTel] Most economical/satisfactory speed?

I'm currently running cable 8Mbs service and may have potentially 3 to 4 internet users in the house at the same time one of which would be an Xboxer. We use a router and the Xbox is wired direct with an ethernet cable. My choice is to either upgrade to 20Mbs cable or add a DSL line thinking exclusively for my basement gamer. What all should I consider technologically and money wise? Please keep it simple and thank you all very much. We have Centurylink now which was Embarq formerly and are located in central PA.


Depends what those other users are doing. If you have two people trying to run Netflix and the other gaming, then you might consider the 20 megabit connection. The cable will probably have faster ping times for the gamer. But with four users it sounds like the 20MBs may be the way to go.


Roaring Spring, PA
reply to Jmdms1
The other users would most likely be Facebook, emailing, web surf, maybe some music, occcasionally Minecraft and the like, and no movies as of now anyway. On a quick search, About.com mentioned ?lower latency? for DSL which makes DSL a little better for gaming?? Overall, they also preferred cable as well. Thank you.