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I Void Warranties

Billings, MT

I call bullsh*t

Too many devices and commodities are "Made in China".

As for the whole conspiracy theory, other countries could say the same for Cisco and Juniper. Since they are designed and developed in the U.S., the NSA could have their paws in it and have a backdoor to kill off communications for a single country. The same could be told about Microsoft, Adobe, or any U.S. software/hardware developer and producer. How easy would it be to install a snippet of software within the Windows OS and screen all data? Not that hard. It's even easier if the software was part of the core Windows OS.

Honestly, have an American representative sign an NDA, view the designs and schematics, and give or deny the OK needed for chinese companies to sell their products here. That way, there is some oversight instead of overall paranoia. Heck, Huawei and ZTE both sell Android smartphones.. and are capable of being flashed with a third-party firmware. I'd be more paranoid about Motorola with a locked bootloader and unable to install third-party firmware (ex. Cyanogenmod). At least I have control over my device.

Paranoia goes in all directions and so does trust. So far, neither companies have made reasons for us not to trust them.
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