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Honolulu, HI
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Re: [TWC] need help troubleshooting connection

motorola sbg6580 then to my router asus rtn56u one computer wireless which is a mac in the living room and a xbox directly connected to the router.. says i only have 2 clients when i check the router... now for the modem i went through step by step on bridging it with a tech so i'm not sure if it is... also there was an update in software i assume recently because the advanced page is all changed... theres all these new things under nat alg status every box is checked except for SIP... otherwise before that everything on the advanced page was unchecked and put through rg passthrough mode which seems to no longer be a box to check... the fire wall page everything is unchecked... and on wireless.. i want to disable it but it's grey and stuck on enabled... so i called about that a very long time ago and they said don't worry if it's grey then it isn't in effect... which i'm not sure about that cause i remember i had upnp checked on the modem and router and it caused some kind of issues that made gameplay a lot more smooth with the modems upnp unchecked... i also have the routers mac address in the mac passthrough on the bottom of the advanced page... i always have good latency bars.. which on xbox they appear in color.. i usually have green which is 3-4 bars i lag on my host on all games.. i called and they often blamed it on xbox's servers so i called xbox and had a high tier tech stay with me for a week and said it has to do with road runner... so it was basically a back and forward battle... and i got no where with it except road runner no longer wanting to talk about internet and saying they are gonna charge me if i call a tech out for support and that they insist nothing is wrong... although something clearly is...