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Re: Devil's advocate

said by 88615298 See Profile
WEP might as well use nothing. Anyways who said anything about criminal? If you are being taken into court over copyright infringement that's CIVIL case. Perhaps you should brush up on your civics before posting.

You made the correlation between somebody who's internet get unknowingly used, and somebody that knowingly allows a drug dealer to sell out of their house. The ladder clearly being a criminal act. So you are the one that mentioned criminal actions, which is why I then mentioned it. Before you get overly hostile with people on an internet forum, take the time to re-read your previous posts so you can remember what you typed to other people. There is no reason to be so negative.

And yes, WEP is basically nothing. Which is clearly why I mentioned it. Do you think my grandmother knows that WEP "security" isn't very secure? Nope. Should she be grouped into your same category as drug dealers, or somebody that allows drug dealers to sell from her living room? Nope.