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Re: Voip/PBX options if I want to use a cell as the extension

Thanks for the help. I guess I'm trying to determine if it's mostly in my head the idea that this isn't practical to be used due to call quality, or if it's actually that bad. I know when I've done it through my PBX it's worse than with VoIP.ms directly.

One quick question, would there be any difference if I had voip.ms set to send a DID to a ring group which rings on 2 numbers like a cell and a physical phone? Or even a ring group that rings on an IP phone at a sub account plus the cell phone? Like would that cause any more latency or delays vs having the DID just forward to the cell phone? Hoping not as that way I can have an extension set up with a soft phone on my computer used for caller ID etc. Thanks!