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land line/home phone

I just bought a 42" HDTV and upgraded my Cableone service to a DVR. I got my PC/Internet, Cable TV and my XBOX360Live all hooked up without a hitch but I'm not sure where to re-connect my landline phone. It was connected to my modem but the new modem does'nt have a phone jack so where do I hook up my landline phone?


Cableone should have issued you a VOIP capable Arris modem. On the back of it you should see two phone jacks labeled "Line 1" and "Line 2". If you don't see these jacks on the back, then you need to go back to your local Cableone office and get the right modem from them or have a tech bring you one out.

You can either connect the phone to the "Line 1" jack directly and get service... or you can connect the "Line 1" jack to one of the phone jacks in your house to allow service to all of the phone jacks in your house. To allow service throughout the house, you'll need to disconnect the traditional main phone line running to the house that usually terminates in a service box on an exterior wall. A Cableone tech should have already came out to your house and disconnected it when you signed up for phone service... but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.