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reply to viperm

Re: shopping mall want's wifi

said by viperm:

No big deal I understand thats one thing I brought up to them as well not being able to authenticate but then again I have not had a controller go down yet (knock on wood)

If you want to control other sites remotely they have other controllers that allow that then all authenticate and get updated from one central point.

Not sure about what pricing you were getting but as a Dealer I get pretty good pricing and if its for a Gov agency, school or medical facility its 50% off retail.

We looked at a central controller, but same issue, it goes down, no one can get online. Plus the fact they said the remote ones had to have very good latency (something like over 100ms may be too high and associations may time out). We looked at becomming our own dealer with ruckus, but there was a good amount of hoops to jump through. We buy from meraki direct, and our discounts are good.