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Evans, GA
reply to Lothario

Re: [Raiding] Pride and Ego (Nathrezim) hits level 25!!

said by Lothario:

With all the self heals everyone has now it shouldn't be much of am issue.

If that were the only dmg going out I would agree. There is a lot of AoE dmg in the fight... everyone has to be careful about the dmg they eat intentionally.

said by McBrain:

I tried a shiesty little trick of letting one spawn on me, then Iceblocking to wait out the three second detonation timer...and that didn't work...it seemed like the timer didn't start until I came out of Iceblock, it sucked.

One concern I have is that the description in the dungeon journal says it does 340k damage in a 7 yard radius...I definitely didn't see it hitting that hard, even when I didn't have my Ice Barrier up (absorbs 85k). Also, is that damage split, or is it equal to everyone?

It is a 3 sec. activation period (just like hunter traps, only a little longer). I saw the same thing in the dungeon journal and was very confused by the dmg. Usually it will say if the dmg is shared, but it doesn't. I'm starting to believe it is, though... We really should have tried staying in a tight group and just eating it for one round.

And yeah, I used leap of faith on muzz when he was clear across the room. the issue with chains isn't so much getting the 2 people together as much as it was keeping together as they avoided ground effects.

I'm going to be looking through WoL parses today to see where else we were falling short... well, when I can find breaks at work, that is.
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