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TSI Martin
Chatham, ON
reply to londoner1

Re: [Cable] No DHCP in London

What sbrook See Profile said is pretty much it. If we attempt to submit a ticket without providing all they are asking for, it's pretty much denied & they request we complete the troubleshooting. Being that they take around 48hrs to reply to ticket we submit to them, I don't think anyone appreciates a call 48hrs later to say, Oh by the way, we didn't do all the troubleshooting & so we now have to complete it & wait an extra 48hrs.

As frustrating as it sounds, we're not purposely trying to delay you getting your service back up. We want you to be online & enjoying your service.

It's not like we don't believe people when the call in. It's quite normal for user to not want to troubleshoot & expect the issue to be fixed now, but the reality is that it just doesn't work that way.

A surprising amount of people actually get their issues resolved by troubleshooting before any ticket is opened.

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